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If you have any questions or concerns, contact me on Discord @ScottBeebiWan#3617.
NOTE: RIPP does not currently support opening RIPFs off your hard drive, you will need to have a website to play your RIPFs.

You have to put either a RIPFv1 RIPFDex or a RIPFv2 RIPFDex in the folder your RIPF is accessed from with the name ripfdex.txt.
RIPFs are decoded as JSON, so if it is not valid JSON, it will DEFINITELY not be a valid RIPFDex.

To create a valid RIPFv1 RIPFDex, follow this template:
{ "version": 1, "count": (amount of songs), "1": "SONG URL", "1name": "SONG NAME", "2": "SONG URL #2", "2name": "SONG NAME #2" }
To show it is a RIPFv1, you have to include "version": 1.
If you put a number in quotes (example: "1": "SONG URL"), the property is the URL of the song you want to play.
If the URL starts with ! then the file is in the same directory as the RIPFDex. (example: !/song.mp3)

To create a valid RIPFv2 RIPFDex, follow this template:
{ "version": 2, "songs": { "SONG NAME": "SONG URL", "SONG NAME #2": "SONG URL #2" } }
The "version": 2 shows that it is a RIPFv2 RIPFDex.
The songs are contained in the songs property as shown.
Unlike RIPFv1, you do not need to say how many songs there are. It's just "SONG NAME": "SONG URL".